3 March 2017: “today I’ve received the Lairdship Portfolio and I’m delighted, thank you kindly!” (Cristina, Italy)


8 December 2016: “Wonderful 🙂 My boyfriend will love this for Valentines Day!” (Gina, USA)

7 December 2016: ” I love that idea and I would give it to my parents for Christmas because this year they visited the Scotland and they fell in love whit it! ” (Julia, USA)

22 October 2016: ” I am really proud to be a Part of it and  protect Nature.” (Lady Tanja Jade, Germany)

19 September 2016: “Thank you again, I can’t wait to order my kilt with our unique tartan!” (Michaël, Canada)

28 August 2016: “I’ve well received your recent delivery for my friends…. They are very glad of their new titles. I see that it’s a very appreciated gift, so I shall offer this title to several other persons. A little remark : it would be very nice to join a little sample of the tartan on a piece of textile to the documents. My friends ask for how to find the tartan, how to use it… Thank you very much and long life to the Blackwood !!!” (Thierry, France)

30 July 2016: “Thank you! Wishing you the best for Native Woods Preservation; great idea!” (Bénédicte, Taiwan)

18 July 2016: “Thank you so much! You don’t even know how happy I am right now! You and the wonderful people at Native Woods Préservation Ltd just made my day! You’re all doing an incredible and wonderful job, and we need more people as nice and kind as you on this planet ! I can’t thanks you enough ! Have the most wonderful day, With all my respect,” (Océane, France)

13 April 2016: ” Dear Sirs, Just a short note to let you know that I received my Lairdship Portfolio this morning and that I am ecstactically happy with it! I am now the appreciative owner of one square foot of Scottish land and happy to help protect and preserve the woodland of Loch Wood. I know I am supporting a good cause thanks to your spirit of initiative. Yours faithfully, Your French supporter” (Laurent, Laird of Blackwood)

10 April 2016: ” ho ricevuto il tutto … veramente molto bello … e poi possedere un pezzo di Scozia non ha prezzo” (Giandrea Verde, Italy)