23 October 2014: “Good evening and thank you to offer me the way to protect a small part of wild land in Scotland, which is probably one of the nicest territory of our common planet. This is not possible in France because our laws are different -and more stupid by the way. (…) I think my first cruise for next year will be for visiting your beautiful coasts and my new estate! Best regards, with all my gratitude to give a such funny way to be efficient for nature preservation.” (Michel, France)

20 October 2014: “we are truly delighted with what we have received thus far THANK YOU!” (Suzette, New Zealand)

11 October 2014: “qu’elle plaisir de se dire qu’on a un titre feodal ecossais de seigneur” (fabien perez seigneur de blackwood)

30 September 2014: “”Très belle démarche, écologique et tellement poëtique” (Cyril, France)

28 September 2014: “These documents are perfect !” (Christophe, France)

28 September 2014: “I found your idea to protect your forest wonderfull. I ve maybe got some celtic blood (a part of my olders were living in French Brittany) and I am proud to help you to protect a part of your environment and history.” (Jean-Claude, France)

20 September 2014: “I really enjoy what you do for historique and for Wood preservation.” (Pierre-Henri, France)

19 September 2014: “This is a wonderful initiative to protect and promote the landscapes of Scotland, and I am proud to contribute.” (Marie-Morgane, France)

22 August 2014: “i receive all the documents (difficult to translate but no problem) i m veryproud to participe to this project  of preservation and i thank you too for the title of laird.” (Frederic laird of Blackwood)

18 August 2014: “Je viens de recevoir le package et je dois dire que c est très rapide. Même si en France , je ne pourrais pas porter ce titre (civil code) , on peut dire que ça m amuse drôlement de faire comme si !  A l occasion  je passerai vous  rendre visite sur place pour prendre possessions de mes terres.” (Lord Christophe, France)

12 August 2014: “I have, indeed, been excited about your approach to safeguard Scottish forest heritage, combined with a shared history and culture of this beautiful country with men and women worldwide. “ (Jean Luc, France)

10 August 2014: “Dear Native Woods Preservation! Many thanks for such a great joy you give to ordinary people!” (Andrey, United Arab Emirates)

8 August 2014: “I received my purchase in the mail today. It looks absolutely amazing!! I will certainly be ordering again in the future. Thank you so much.” (-A, USA)