22 January 2013: “Oh my God how wonderfull it is !!!! Hope to come one of these day with Lady …  What kind of trees planted you ? oaks ?  I am really enthousiastic about what your job.  The conservation of the nature is a subject so important for me, for my children.  One thousand “bravo” and encouragements”  (François, France)

9 January 2013: “Thank you !!! Perfect !!!” (Sandrine, United Arab Emirates)

8 January 2013: “RINGRAZIAMENTO! Cari Signori, oggi abbiamo ricevuto il portfolio. Desidero ringraziarVi, da parte mia, di mia moglie Lady Michela e di mia figlia, Lady Annalisa. Grazie per il Vostro lavoro e tantissimi auguri per un sereno 2013! Cordiali saluti.” (Lord Bruno Pianezze, Italy)

25 December 2012: “Husband loved it!! Unique gift ! Scheduled for delivery on January 10, received it Christmas Eve!! Wonderful company to work with!! Emailed me to make sure everything was just so! Loved it!!” (Julie, USA)

21 December 2012: “it just arrived in the late post! Many thanks, he will be most pleased! A Merry Christmas to you! Many thanks” (Allison, USA)

16 December 2012: “Votre demarche de parceler ce domaine dans le but de préserver celui-ci des apetits immobiliers en acquérir un titre de lord m’enchante complétement. Je serai Ok pour cela .” (Lord Nicolas, France)

23 November 2012: “My Lordship package is brilliant, and I have framed my certificate of entitlement and it looks wonderful on my wall. I am pleased to own land on this elegant estate of Loch Wood!” (Lord John of Blackwood, USA)

13 November 2012: “Thank you very much, Margaret… for all !!! I wish a very long life to your amazing organisation.” (Lord Erwan, France)

10 November 2012: “super , merci beaucoup. lordement votre :-)” (Lord Verbouwens, Belgium)

20 october 2012: “I can inform you that we have received the deeds today  and they looks great. Once again thanks for your kindnes and your great help. We are looking forward to give the deeds to our father and mother.” (Mr Lauridsen, Denmark)

5 October 2012: “Bonsoir, je vient de commander ” enfin ” mon titre de lady Blackwood depuis le temps que je le voulais. Pour etre lady c’est vrai et le fait d’avoir un petit bout de terrain en Ecosse pour moi c’est magique . Surtout que ce pays est vraiment le mien par mes ancétres je suis bretonne par ma maman…. donc à vraiment une réelle valeur symbolique pour moi …j’achéte un peu de la terre de mes ancétres…ma terre …” (Lady Isabelle, France)

26 September 2012: “Thank you for your time and efforts to help me I appreciated that and look forward to the package once again many thanks” (Lady Turner, UK)

19 September 2012: “Many thanks for email dokumentation of my order. I really enjoy it.” (Lord Chornyi, Ukraine)

12 September 2012: “thank you very much for your help. I received the portfolio at home in Palermo, it is great!”