18 October 2019: “Bonjour, Je suis heureuse d’avoir reçu mon portefeuille et de faire partie d’un magnifique projet. Bonne continuation” (Cécile)

15 September 2019: “I love lairdofblackwood.com  I think it’s a great site!” (Dani)

14 September 2019: “I thank you very much for the portfolio and the letter you sent me. I am proud to give some help to the Native Woods Preservation Ltd and to become Laird of Blackwood.” (Philippe, France)

9 June 2018: “Fantastico! Precisi, puntuali e gentili. Sia per il titolo che per gli accessori mi sono trovato benissimo. Complimenti!” (Laird Massimo Colombo, Italy)

31 May 2018: “Je suis très honoré d’avoir reçu le port-folio complet avec les titres de lairdship et de propriété. Faire partie de ce beau projet est un grand plaisir. Merci à vous” (Vincent, France)

22 May 2018: “We look forward to receiving the hard copies in the post. Lord xxx was delighted with his gift. Have a lovely day!” (Gillian, Ireland)

25 March 2018: “This product is a perfect way to ensure the preservation of an important part of Scotland.” (Lord Peter & Lady Beata, UK and Poland)

22 March 2018: “I am very honored that, with this contribution we can preserve and defend the woods in Scotland, in particular of Blackwood. Sono molto onorato che, con questo contributo si possa preservare i boschi della Scozia” (Laird Giuseppe Mazzara – Florence -)

2 March 2018: “I am an actual Weir of Blackwood, although many times removed from a title. As a former owner of an extensive Celtic shop, an historian and lecturer, I am very aware of my heritage and proud to be a Scot. I also wear the Weir tartan in both forms and have traced the ancestry back to paternal deVeres in the 8th century France, and Melusine d’Alba’s maternal line to Caractacus in the first century AD. I think what you are doing with preserving the woodlands in the area is wonderful and I heartily endorse your project. I will bear the title, Laird of Blackwood, with pride and authenticity.” (Kind regards. Charles Evans Weir, RRT)

1 March 2018: “I have well received the title and acts and i thank you very much indeed.” (Yvette, France)

18 January 2018: “J’ai bien reçu les documents et je vous remercie. Merci également pour votre professionnalisme.” (Claudine, France)

10 January 2018: “It’s just arrived. Many thanks and what a great presentation you have put together. Cheers” (Lord MacLean, Australia)