4 May 2013: “Hello, thank you for all. I received the title by the post. I’m happy for the present. Friendly” (Lord Nicolas, France)

27 April 2013: “Depuis la guérison de mon cancer du sein j’aime encore plus la vie, la nature, les gens, les animaux et les plantes… Sauver les arbres est une bien belle mission. BRAVO pour votre projet auquel je vais tout de suite participer. Recevez mon amitié.” (Lady Isabelle, France)

27 April 2013: “there was a topic on your project on French TV today, a show presented by Stephane Bern. I immediately decided to bring you my participation. I shall wait for the Post office delivery, after careful consideration. I do however intend to place a second set of orders in the coming days – one of them will be for my father, who also lives in Belgium, the other one will be for my beloved spouse, this should also bring some pride in her ageing mother’s eyes (turning 90 years of age this coming Monday). Kindest regards from our side of the Channel.” (Stéphane, France)

27 April 2013: “Bonjour, Je suis Française ,  noble mais sans titre , à la suite d’une émission de TV que je regardais, au début,d’un œil amusé, j’ai trouvé cette proposition tout à fait géniale et originale; Et, puisqu’il s’agit d’une noble cause, j’aimerais avoir une petite place parmi vous. Est ce possible ? Si oui, je pense retenir l’idée pour faire des cadeaux aux proches qui me sembleront dignes d’adhérer à cela.  Amicalement” (Dominique, France)

15 April 2013: “Thank you so much.” (Carole, France)

12 April 2013: “Bonjour  Tanx  I received the package today  Tank you” (Lord Yan, Canada)

8 April 2013: “Thank you very much. You’ve been very helpful. And our post to yet really really bad. Once again, many thanks to you. I hope together we can save forests.” (Lord Andrei, Russia)

5 April 2013: “A amazing tank you” (Lord Bouchard, France)

27 March 2013: “I received the files this morning in the mail. Nice !  Dear Laird…. It sounds great !  (grrreat, as they pronounce in Scotland) All my family really loves Scotland: we used to spent every year our holidays in this country since the youngest was three years old. We are happy and proud to be owners of a patch of land being a member of a barony. May be an old dream ? Hé! Who knows ! Anyway, thank you so much for your help. We shall speak around us of your action and shall try to decide on people to join your association. Our best regards.” (Laird Lestamps, France)

20 February 2013: “Thank you !” (Laird Nicolas, France)

12 February 2013: “It’s perfect! Thanks a lot.” (Franck, France)

9 February 2013: “Thanks very much !!” (Jonathan, France)