11 December 2015: “Beautiful, too beautiful these titles. Many thanks, I hope to come very early to Scotland because I really want to see my land.” (Giuseppe, Italy)

2 December 2015: “fier de preserver la nature” (Laetitia, France)

7 November 2015: “Thank you, Maragret – a pleasure doing business with you, as always. And remember to pay us a visit in Southern France some day ?” (Lord Steph, France)

21 October 2015: “Many thanks!!!!!!” (Sara, Germany)

15 October 2015: “Great! Thank you I’m really looking forward  to being part of the preservation of the forest.” (Kalim, France)

9 September 2015: “Thanks for your kind reply, It helped a lot !” (Lord Samuel, France)

7 September 2015: “dear Sir, I received my Lairdship portfolio today. I am moved, proud and Honnoré. Possess some of this land that I love so filled me with joy. In France, I have no land. Today I feel more Scottish than my French. I hope I can soon come to the Highlands with my 5 year old son. Tanks for all. Now I have to find a small stone house to live like a true Scotsman.” (Cordially, Laird Michel, France)

3 September 2015: “I am really glad for it. I might come and visit that lovely land of yours and take a look at my tiny but precious property .” (Loris, Italy)