How Does It Work?

The laird title is traditionally associated with ownership of land on a laird’s estate in Scotland. Although under common law anyone can call themselves what they want, it gives more prestige if the land has a historical claim to the laird title and is not just any piece of bog. There are only a limited number of estates in Scotland with historical ties to feudal titles and the Blackwood Estate is one of them. This estate has been a laird’s estate for hundreds of years, all the way back to the 12th century.

After you have have been granted the right to call yourself “Laird of Blackwood” you may use a Master Title Deed to change the title on your personal ID cards, bank accounts, utility bills, etc. Our Lairdship Portfolio, at a bargain price of only £39.99, contains both a Property Title Deed (certifying your right to a plot of land on the Blackwood Estate) and a Master Title Deed, thereby enabling you to successfully complete the entire process of title acquisition. In addition, the portfolio contains a Plot Locator Map with the official grid reference coordinates to the land you have acquired rights in and instructions on how to locate it as well as a stylish Certificate of Entitlement, beautiful photos and historical information about your land. See details here for the full contents of our Lairdship Package.

The right you buy is to one square foot plot of land in Loch Wood on the Blackwood Estate and it has been mapped using the British national Ordnance Survey reference system, which is also used for land registry. Each plot has its own unique location and may easily be found by means of a GPS.

The legal documents have been drawn up by a Scottish property solicitor to ensure that your right to the land is legally valid and secure, and a Master Title Deed is a well recognised means of changing personal title on identity documents in all common law countries.

You may also wish to know that rights to souvenir plots are exempt from registration in the Land Register of Scotland, which ensures that you will not have to pay taxes or any other expenses associated with this land – ever.