Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions govern the use of the services of Historic Estates Ltd (HEL). Use of the lairdofblackwood.com website constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully. When you complete a purchase, you are stating that you are eligible to buy from HEL and that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

HEL reserves the right to update these terms at any time. Your continued use of the www.lairdofblackwood.com website constitutes binding acceptance of the altered terms and conditions.

HEL’s services are provided to real and identifiable individuals who are at least 18 years old, or minors who have parental permission to use our services.

HEL reserves the right to refuse the sale of our titles if we believe that the title will be subject to multiple resale or copying, has been paid for by a competitor or potential competitor or any other forms of monetisation or attempted monetisation. The only authorised seller of the Laird, Lord and Lady of Blackwood titles is NWP through this website lairdofblackwood.com.

When you buy a plot of land from us, you consent to having your name, address, email address and current recorded and stored for future reference in the Lairdship Registry. This is a requirement to ensure the souvenir plot sale has actual effect.


Puchases from HEL can be paid by credit/debit card or from your PayPal account. We do not charge card fees.

All card information is handled by a reputable third party payment gateway provider with stringent security measures. We accept debit and credit card payments through Stripe.com or through PayPal.com and none of your details are stored by us.  All such information submitted during your purchase is protected by Secure Socket Layers (secure servers). You can see the padlock visible next to your address bar during checkout.

HEL is responsible for all goods and services sold, customer service, complaints and all other aspects of trading.

Please note that all our products, including accessories, are made-to-order, and as such an order may not be cancelled after the item has been put into production. Hence, any cancellation or amendment of an order must be done immediately after purchase. Otherwise, order details and payment are final and binding.

Responsibility for providing necessary information

Providing the necessary personal information to complete the deeds is the customer’s responsibility. However, if we understand or have reason to suspect that we have not received all necessary information, we will attempt to contact you at the stated email address. If you do not respond after a few days, we will fix a deadline after which we will issue the Lairdship Portfolio with whatever information we have received. This deadline will normally be set about a week after the order, and you will be informed of it in a separate email. If you still do not respond within the deadline and it later turns out that the printed details are incorrect, we offer document re-issue at reduced cost.


HEL warrants that there are no hidden fees. The price covers all costs of the property purchase and all legal costs in preparing the title documentation to comply with the current legislation.

The title

The term ‘title’ on this website and in all paperwork issued by HEL refers to the informal Scottish practice of calling a landowner ‘Laird’ or ‘Lady’. The titles of Laird, Lord or Lady of Blackwood shall be assumed under the laws of Scotland and shall only pertain to the individual whose name is entered on the valid Property Title Deed.

Purchasers should note that ‘Laird’ is not a title of peerage and never has been. It is an old Scottish feudal title used among the gentry and as such corresponds to that of an English Squire.

As the title ‘Laird’, ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ in this context specifically refers to the ownership of land and accrues only to a person who owns land in Scotland, your title will relate specifically to the one square foot of land that you have purchased from HEL in the grounds of Loch Wood on the Blackwood Estate. Your title may not be transferred independently of the land.

HEL holds the proprietary rights to ‘Laird of Blackwood’, ‘Lord of Blackwood’, ‘Lady of Blackwood’ and all identical and deceptively similar marks. When you purchase a souvenir plot from HEL, you are granted a royalty-free non-exclusive right to use either of these titles. Please note that they are solely available for your personal and non-commercial use and may not be used to commit fraud or mislead with intent to commit any offence or obtain money by deception. HEL reserves the right to withhold or revoke our permission to use these titles at any time. A reason for revoking our permission could be that the title is used commercially.

Visiting the woodland

Loch Wood is a native and wild woodland and visitors undertake not to disturb the abundant wildlife. Visits to Loch Wood are carried out at the visitor’s own risk and HEL cannot warranty the safety of the visitor during such visits. Tenting is not permitted and disposal of garbage on the premises is strictly prohibited.