29 April 2017: “I’m glad the  documents arrived today. Thanks for the lovely packaging.” (Jess, Germany)

24 April 2017: “It’s good to « be » a Lord.” (Frederic, France)

21 April 2017: “Dear,friends. I have received it in this week’s Monday. Now,I’m very happy.I will appreciate any of your help. Good luck, my friends. Now,I really like my new title.” (Yao, China)

18 April 2017: “Let me thank you and confirm the receipt of the material this day. Kind regards,” (David, Belgium)

18 April 2017: “Hi all, Ordered a couples plot for our wedding anniversary. The nice portfolio arrived seven days later in a nice packaging and it was a real pleasure to discover it together as also an honor to become owners of two square feet of Scottish Land. My wife … sorry…  My Lady and I are very happy to participate in such an original nature preservation program. Wishing you the best for Native Woods Preservation !” (Michel, Belgium)

12 April 2017: “I have received the documents and I thank you very much. Everything is beautiful and I can’t wait to see my niece’s face when she gets her gift. Best wishes” (Kristin, France)

12 April 2017: “thank you very much i received the pack with certificates & later the golf shit, key ring & calendar. They are all great so very happy!” (Leon, New Zealand)

7 April 2017: “1 week,from glasgow to China,very delighted to join in.Thank you.” (Zheng Liu, China)

5 April 2017: “What a great idea !  I am reputedly the senior primogenital successor ( genuine , for there have been false claimants , unrelated , on the Internet etc ) of the Weirs of Blackwood ( see Burkes Landed Gentry of Ireland etc. ) . Along with the Dukes of Hamilton , Lords Somerville & other cousins , my family , due to political and nationalistic circumstances moved to Co. Fermanagh , Hall Craig , circa 1610 . My wife , incidently , is the daughter of the 16 th Lord Inchiiquin , previous  Royal heir to the throne of Ireland and descendant of Brian Boru , d. 1014 !  Should you like further information , I shall be happy to provide it for you . If possible , I would be grateful if this genealogical comment is recorded on my citation ….for many years we were known  ( in Ireland ) as the Lairds Weir of Craig Hall ( sic ) and Blackwood . Thanks. HW” (Ireland)

9 March 2017: “Sent & received on the same day! Thank you so much for the fast shipping”(Frédérique, Belgium)

8 March 2017: “Superb. Thank’s so much.” (Christian, France)

7 March 2017: “Thanks! It’s a really nice novelty, and will add to my collection of collectables.” (Trevor, South Africa)