15 December 2017: “Merci beaucoup et joyeuses fêtes de fin d’années” (Lady Stephanie, France)

15 December 2017: “Thank you so much, that is wonderful! Have a good night and a lovely holiday season. Kindest regards” (Stephanie, Germany)

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13 December 2017: “Très bonne fête de fin d’année a vous et a toute votre équipe .” (Lord Nicolas, France)

25 October 2017: “I take the opportunity of my answer to say that I am honored to be able to help preserve the woods of Scotland, a region that has always held me to heart by its history, culture and landscapes. I will wear the colors of Blackwood with honor and dignity. (…) I will never be Count, but I can finally reconnect with certain traditions and the history of our two families. It’s important for me to tell you my story and thank you for reading it. I will not fail to visit you soon and I look forward to it.” (Lord Giauque, Switzerland)

19 October 2017: “I wish you success in keeping the land in its proper state.” (Claude, France)

18 October 2017: “Buenas tardee y, muchas gracias por el envio del material. Lo he recibido y, me encuentro muy conforme con el mismo.” (Juan Carlos, Argentina)

10 October 2017: “It’s nice to know that Native Woods Preservation is doing well all these years.” (Marcus, Czech Republic)

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10 June 2017: “grazie come sempre x il bellissimo dono,che ha consentito a me e la mia famiglia (pozzi attilio) e figli di entrare a fare parte del vostro modo.” (Lady Antonia Alessandra, Italy)

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