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29 July 2012: “Hi native woods received my title deed and property title deed and was so pleased with it all that I am now going to by my grandson this as a present. Keep up the good work.” (Lady Elliott-Denham-Summers, Wales)

15 June 2012: “Dear, well received today, thanks” (S.J., France)

24 May 2012: “Thank you for your service.” (Lord Shay, USA)

18 May 2012: “My husband and I are thrilled with our package.  We are having lots of fun with it, at the same time knowing we are contributing to conservation.  thank you so much.” (Lady Debra, Canada)

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2 May 2012: “Dear benefactors of Blackwood, I like first to congratulate your association for such a noble endeavour and wish you all the success that it deserves.” (Laird Pegnas, France)

28 March 2012: “A quick e-mail to advise that all documentation arrived today 28th March 2012. I have to say it’s all very impressive. Thankyou to you and Blackwood for such a delightful gift. Fond Regards.” (Lady Carrington, Australia)

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