26 December 2010: “thanks for all your good works, my last purchase for Laird [xxx] has given him a fantastic Christmas, although he is wealthy in his own right, he declaired that this was “the best present ever”, we felt so proud. Thanks again, your service is second to none.” (Malcolm, UK)

25 December 2010: “This is the first time I have ever gotten her a gift that she was not able to guess its contents before she opened it! I am so happy I was finally able to surprise her. Thank you for enabling me to do so. ” (R. Kelley, USA)

19 December 2010: “What a marvellous stroke of genius. I really am at a loss to express just how impressed I am at the simplicity and excellence of your concept for natural heritage preservation. My title was purchased for me by a close friend as a birthday gift and it is one that keeps giving on so many levels. I even have some Scottish ancestry (Stuarts, on my mothers’ fathers’ side) and now I have title also. Thank you so much, warmest regards for this chilly Christmas and many happy returns for the new year,” (Chris Ryan, Laird of Blackwood, Australia)

18 December 2010: “We are Australian with Scottish heritage, are already Kilt wearers and love the bagpipes. Thank you so much, this is too cool. Will definitely visit some day !!!” (The Lords Warner)

18 December 2010: “I was so happy to get mine yesterday! It was like christmas came early.lol.” (Lord Johnston, USA)

16 December 2010: “thank you so much for such excellent service.” (Malcolm, UK)

12 December 2010: “Thank you for all of your assistance, I appreciate it more than you can imagine.” (D. Bare, USA)

11 December 2010: “You really are a blessing having helped me every step of the way, for which I am extremely great-full.” (Lord Callaghan, UK)

7 December 2010: “I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your great customer care and service and quick response. Thank you,” Jeanette

4 December 2010: “Thank you for preserving Scotland’s forests!” (Lady Jodi, USA)

4 December 2010: “we received the couples and the single all were in good shape and we’re very pleased.” (Lady Winder, Canada)

3 December 2010: “fantastic thanks” (S. Irvine, UK)