Loch Wood

Loch Wood is a beautiful unspoilt woodland situated in the Blackwood Estate outside the village of Blackwood in Lanarkshire. The estate was the head seat of the renowned Weir/Vere family who came to Scotland in the 10th century and lived on the Blackwood Estate until the 1930s.

The woodland contains various ancient woodland indicator species along with an abundance of wildlife which benefits from this varied habitat. There are mainly native broadleaf species such as birch, beech, sycamore, oak, ash and alder with some native conifers like Scots pine.

The property has previously been at risk of commercial development, both timber felling and housing development.

Loch Wood is now owned by two entities: Parts of the woodland is owned and managed by the Blackwood Estate Community Association, company number SC049354, a registered charity in Scotland, formed with the sole purpose of taking care of Loch Wood and will maintain and improve of the woodland.  The other part is owned by Native Woods Preservation, a trading name for Historic Estates Ltd, SC372643, and this is the area where the souvenir plots lie.  This co-ownership will ensure that members of the general public and the plot owners are given easier access and will provide a more thriving and well-kept woodland which will greatly benefit souvenir plot owners. The charity will also work to enhance awareness of the estate’s rich history. The area where the souvenir plots are located remains in the sole custody and care of Native Woods Preservation and access to the entire woodland will remain as before.

The woodland offers some good sporting opportunities, like trekking and wildlife stalking. An enchanting stream, the Cander Water, flows throughout the estate and some excellent picnicking spots can be found on its lovely banks. The Cander Water was once dammed to create a small loch for ice skating and fishing but the dam has since been breached. This area now forms an attractive wetland with a diverse range of plant species. There are also Victorian footpaths and a former lily pond inside the woodland.

The old loch

All Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Blackwood are provided with a map indicating the exact location of their plot, which enables them to visit their land. The access point to the woodland is marked ‘A’ on the map, and an old path leads to the area where the plots are located. The souvenir plots are located to the north-east, at the outskirts of the old timber felling area, which has now been left to regenerate with native deciduous trees.

Visitors should note that Loch Wood is a typical native woodland with all the qualities commonly associated therewith. Fallen trees are lying on the ground, thus aiding this unique biodiversity, there are scattered badger holes and ruins from the old estate buildings to be found inside the woodland, and brush and thicket may restrict easy movement. Visitors are recommended to stay on or near the path and wear wellies. In order to reduce strain on this native and vulnerable woodland and habitat we have decided to prohibit tenting on the property. Reference is also made to our T&Cs.