27 January 2014: “I became quite recenty and quite proudly one of the many Lords of Blackwood. This idea of yours is probably the most brilliant and hilarious thing I ever heard about – even better, it’s for a good cause” (Lord Philippe, France)

3 January 2014: “je serai ravi de faire partie de votre communauté pour la préservation de la nature et de l’histoire de votre pays.” (Laurent, France)

9 December 2013: “Last week we received our plot and deeds. We wish to thank you for this quick service.” (Eric & Isabelle, Germany)

30 November 2013: “we are both of Scottish heritage and are looking forward to receiving these titles. thank you for your help” (Gordon, USA)

29 November 2013: “We look forward to the shipment and our connection with the area.” (Eric & Isabelle, Germany)

25 November 2013: “Merci pour la rapidité… Je suis souvent passé par là et j’aime beaucoup cette belle région.” (Noël Lauffenburger, France)

19 November 2013: “Thank you so much, I really like dealing with you and have recommend you to my friends.” (Kristy, USA)

12 November 2013: “Great !! thank you so much and good luck for your ecologic action ! Hope i could come one day to visit “my wood” ! Best regards” (Lord Olivier, France)

10 November 2013: “I bought today a piece of your land and acquired the title of Lord in order to support your cultural and economic approach. I am particularly proud about it ! Please note that I am a knight of the Sovereign Order of Malta (French association) and I already wear a coat of arms. I’d be happy to hear about the activities of my new Scottish land and I would be pleased one day you will visit
May be, I would be pleased to see you there one day visit
In the meantime
Yours sincerly” (Lord Olivier, France)

27 October 2013: “We have already received all the documents! Thank you very much! And let us know if you have any interesting news. Regards, lord Oleg” (Russia)

23 October 2013: “Since it is not that often offered these days, it is quite the pleasure to experience efficient, expedient, and near effortless transaction with a company and its representatives one does business with. You and yours have definitely proven to be one, fulfilling all of my hopes and desires without hassle or grievance.” (Lord Stanley, USA)