Scotland is a country renowned for its great natural beauty. However, this land has a dramatic and colourful history which stands in stark contrast to its present-day peace and calm. This was the native soil of Celts, Picts, Scotti and Vikings before it became the battleground of heroic clan feuds, and even though the clans do no longer battle except in the Scottish Highland Games they still proudly carry their coat-of-arms and tartans.

Although greatly influenced by the English tradition, Scotland’s heraldry has developed distinctive features of its own.

When you become a Laird, Lord or Lady of Blackwood you are also granted the exclusive right to use the Blackwood (Loch Wood) district tartan, officially registered by the Scottish Register of Tartans. How about ordering a kilt or skirt in your own tartan from a Scottish kiltmaker? You may also wish to take part in the celebrations of the international Tartan Day on 6 April every year.



As a legitimate Laird, Lord or Lady of Blackwood you will also be entitled to use our exclusive Blackwood insignia. The oak tree in the centre of the image symbolises both the name of the estate and the cause of our organisation; the conservation of historic estates.

Elegant accessories with the Blackwood insignia and tartan are available in our webshop. Note: Only available for purchase by proper Laird and Ladies of Blackwood.