12 April 2020: “Especially for Margaret and every brother of your (our) marvelous Scotland ! You will notice there is a flag front and an other, very far, on the background 🙂 Hoping everthing is all right at home Take care” (Lord Gil, Belgium)

26 February 2020: “We love Scotland and the Scots and we are so happy to contribute to preserving the site.” (Alain and Nadine, France)

8 February 2020: “Be shivering when Amy McDonald sings amazing grace for an international football match, choosing AFC Aberdeen for our South belgian futsal club, or Simple Minds as my favourite band and so many other feelings…. I should have been Scotish in a former life !:) Thank you for your award and nice welcome letter.” (Lord Gil, Belgium)

20 December 2019: “J’ai reçu lez certificats aujourd’hui. Merci de votre réactivité” (Émeline, France)

18 December 2019: “Just to say to you, documents are arrived yesterday. I found them in my mail box when i’m going back to my home after work.All is perfect, thanks a lot again.I wish you a nice day” (Guillaume, France)

16 December 2019: “I am happy to be part of Native Woods Preservation!” (Laurent, France)

13 December 2019: “Grazie per essere stati così puntuali e precisi nella spedizione… sarà un bellissimo regalo natalizio .” (Michaela, Italy)

28 November 2019: “I appreciate the novelty of your offerings on the website. We may even consider purchasing a larger plot in the future- not sure if that would be adjacent to the small plot I’ve ordered so far. We may even come to visit sometime. Thank you, and happy upcoming Holidays!” (Joel, USA)

22 November 2019: “i have bought romantic title for helping your noble action. Thank you for who you are for proctectiong forest and by this way too, scotish culture. I look forward to offer to my tender wife the romantic title…

Stars bless you and Spirit of life protect you and the wonderful team of Native Woods Preservation” (Olivier, France)

16 November 2019: “Well whatever correct way to add title before or after its interesting purchase. This business was actually professional and fast service. I even got a rebate so to speak on purchase by chance. Yes I’ve acquired from other comparable gentry title package companies. So I appreciate all its a good will jester though for me. It’s probably was something to build on as a ” Laird / Lord buying property here and there. Thanks native woods on this opportunity” (Lord Stephen Richards, USA)