24 February 2018: “Tombé amoureux de l’Écosse voici 30 ans et maintenant en préserver sa forêt tout en portant avec fierté titre,couleurs et blason, il m’en fallait finalement peu pour être heureux!
J’ai hâte de venir explorer “notre” forêt. Longue vie à Native Woods Preservation et merci.” (Lord Olivier)

22 February 2018: “Je suis vraiment honoré d’avoir pu acheter aujourd’hui ce mètre carrée de terre. J’en ferai bon usage.” (Cordialement, Emeline)

20 February 2018: “I received the expedition, I stayed, I did not have words, I am really precocious and happy to be a member of your family. I thank you with my heart, now it know it means to be a “Lord”. (Fusco, Italy)

4 February 2018: “È un onore riuscire a mantenere splendida la vostra bellissima terra.” (Lord Giannmarco Passerini, Italy)

18 January 2018: “Bonjour, J’ai bien reçu les documents et je vous remercie. Merci également pour votre professionnalisme.” (Claudine, France)

10 January 2018: “Many thanks and what a great presentation you have put together.” (Cheers Lord MacLean)

15 December 2017: “Merci beaucoup et joyeuses fêtes de fin d’années” (Stéphanie, France)

15 December 2017: “Thank you so much, that is wonderful! Have a good night and a lovely holiday season.” (Kindest regards, Stephanie)

14 December 2017: “Beautiful..!Tks alot! ; )” (Lord Moon)

13 December 2017: “Très bonne fête de fin d’année a vous et a toute votre équipe .”

10 December 2017: “Thanks so much, Margaret! I appreciate it so much.” (All the best, Anne)

4 December 2017: “I have some really good news to report to you. One of the people we made a Lord Of Blackwood a few years back owns a brewery.  He is from Scotland and immigrated to America because he married an American woman. Long story short, I convinced him to brew a LORDS OF BLACKWOOD ALE. So you guys are going to have your own beer! I thought you would enjoy that.  Cheers!” (Christopher, USA)

25 October 2017: “I take the opportunity of my answer to say that I am honored to be able to help preserve the woods of Scotland, a region that has always held me to heart by its history, culture and landscapes. I will wear the colors of Blackwood with honor and dignity. My family comes down from the French nobility, but has lost its titles for a long time. We only have the coat of arms and the education. (…) I will never be Count, but I can finally reconnect with certain traditions and the history of our two families. It’s important for me to tell you my story and thank you for reading it. I will not fail to visit you soon and I look forward to it.” (Best regards, Lord Giauque)

19 October 2017: “I wish you success in keeping the land in its proper state.” (Best regards. Claude)

18 October 2017: “Buenas tardee y, muchas gracias por el envio del material. Lo he recibido y, me encuentro muy conforme con el mismo.” (Atte. Juan Carlos)