About Us


Native Woods Preservation Ltd is a company registered in Scotland, Reg. no. SC372643, created for the purpose of preserving and regenerating native Scottish woodlands and their diverse habitats.

To further this objective the organisation purchased Loch Wood on the Blackwood Estate in 2010. We consider this property ideal for our purpose since Loch Wood contains ancient woodland and was under threat of commercial development. The wood has previously been used for both commercial timber felling and housing development, but is now in the care and custody of Native Woods Preservation Ltd to be protected for the preservation and enjoyment of future generations. The property’s noble history and close links to Scottish aristocracy add to its attractions.

The purchase of Loch Wood was fully loan-financed and hence our primary obligation during the first years of management was to repay this debt. In the spring of 2016 we were delighted to note that this objective was reached. The purchase loan has now been fully redeemed and therefore we can start saving funds for maintenance and improvement of the woodland. Our next objective will be to manage the rhododendron growth inside the woodland. This will benefit both the old native trees as well as visitors to the estate.

We would never have been able to reach this huge milestone without the support from all our fantastic clients around the world. A heart-felt thanks to all of you.