Is It Legal and Other FAQ

1. Is it legal to call myself laird (lord)?

Yes, under common law you may legally call yourself laird, lord or lady as long as you do not do so to obtain money by deception.

Scottish estate owners have a long tradition for styling themselves laird (lord) or lady.  Our legal documents have been drawn up by solicitors to ensure that your rights to the land are legally conveyed to you.

2. What am I buying?

You are purchasing the personal right to a souvenir plot on an estate in Scotland, more specifically a souvenir plot measuring one square foot. You will receive a Property Title Deed drawn up by a Scottish real estate solicitor, thereby giving you legal rights to your very own plot of land in the Blackwood Estate in Lanarkshire, defined by official British property coordinates. You will also be granted a personal right to use the title “Laird/Lord/Lady of Blackwood” as well as the protected Blackwood tartan and insignia.

3. Is this land part of a genuine Laird’s estate?

Yes, Loch Wood is part of the original Blackwood Estate, a historically famous large estate in Scotland with proud noble traditions, having been the head seat of barons and lairds for hundreds of years.

4. Will there be any taxes or other responsibilities associated with this purchase?

No. The Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2002 specifically removes the requirement to register this land because the property is defined as a souvenir plot. Since the property many not be registered, there will be no property tax or associated expenses. There are no hidden costs or other obligations associated with this purchase  – the estate and title are there for your pure enjoyment!

5. Can I change the title on my credit cards, utility bills and other ID?

Yes, we include in each Lairdship Package a Master Title Deed to change the title on your bank statements, utility bills and similar. The Master Title Deed is a well recognised means of changing your name and title in common law countries. In civil law countries additional requirements may apply.

6. Is the title hereditary?

Yes, it will pass to your oldest child as an inheritance together with the land. If you should decide to sell your rights to the property, Historic Estates Ltd has notification rights of purchase, after which you can sell on the open market.

7. I’m not from the UK. Can I buy?

Yes, anyone can buy land in Scotland, and we have happy landowners from all over the world.

8. We are a couple. Can we buy plots next to each other?

Yes, you can. We provide romantic couples plots here.

9. Can I buy the Lairdship Portfolio as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! Just fill in the name and address of the gift recipient under ‘Name and Address on Documents’ on the checkout form. You may choose whether to have the gift sent to yourself or directly to the recipient.

10. I need to send a gift urgently. Do you have any super-fast delivery options?

No problem! Just order ‘Email delivery of your documentation’ together with the portfolio and we’ll send you the documents electronically within 48 hours. The signed and sealed documents will also be shipped by ordinary mail.

11. May a minor own land on the Blackwood Estate?

Yes. Under Scots law a minor can acquire land as an inheritance or gift with no restrictions. He or she may also purchase land with parental consent.

12. Can I buy more than one plot?

Yes, you may purchase as many plots as you like; there are no limitations to quantity. We also offer tailored discounts for large quantity purchases.

13. When will my order be delivered?

This will depend on the country of delivery and what type of product you buy. Please check out our shipping pages here.

14. Where can I buy tartan products?

You may buy a wide range of products in the Blackwood tartan from traditional tartan providers, such as (formerly Scotweb), and Since the tartan is restricted for the exclusive use of landowners in Loch Wood on the Blackwood Estate, please present them with your Property Title Deed as proof of ownership.