17 March 2015: “I ‘ve been fond of Scotland since I was a yourn girl and practice regularly Scottish dancing since my dancing  society here is affiliated with the Scottish country dancing society.” (Mariella, Italy)

10 March 2015: “I just received your letter with all the proofs enclosed. Thank you very much. I am very proud to become Laird of Blackwood and to help your work in favour of Forest preservation.” (Yours sincerely, Michel, Switzerland)

17 February 2015: “Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreaciate and also for the great cause you defend :)” (Cloe, France)

30 January 2015: “Thank you ever so much for having this offer. I can’t even begin to describe to you what it truly means to me!!! From the bottom of my heart, again, I thank you!!!” (Pam, Canada)

9 January 2015: “La verdad es que ayudar en conservar un bosque es genial pero el titulo es mejor llamarse Lord Plaksin de blackwood es genial” (Lord Plaksin)

7 January 2015: “I received all the stuff (papers, watch, etc.), a few weeks ago, and my wife surprised and happy ! Some of my friends and members of my family are jealous now ! :-)
Thanks for all !” (Christophe)

19 December 2014: “Thank You Arrived Excellent I Am Sure Justin Will Love This” (Robyn, Australia)

12 December 2014: “Hi, I wanted to thank you because i correctly received all the certificates, property titles and master titles this week ! No mistakes, really, thank you !” (Quentin, France)

10 December 2014: “2 day delivery . Wonderfull!!!  I’m sure my daugthers in law will be surprised and will appreciate the gift.” (Frédéric, France)

9 December 2014: “I Just want to tell u thank you. Many thanks.” (Aurélien, France)

9 December 2014: “J’ai bien reçu la lettre hier. Très rapide ! Merci !” (Guillaume, France)

4 December 2014: “thank you. I just wanted to said to you that i’m glad to be a part of the preservation of this forest. I went in Scottland  few years ago and i was amazed by the people, the fields and the culture. Thank you for preserving fields against developers.” (Frederic, France)