3 March 2012: “Greetings~ I have just received this wonderful gift in good condition and wished you to know. I am most pleased with the package and the accuracy of it’s contents. My grand-daughter will be gob smacked at her college graduation to have received such a personalized gift. Thank you so very much for assisting me in this process and helping me continue a fantasy within the realm of reality. Bless you and your kindness! Fondly,” (Joyce, USA)

22 February 2012: “Hi Native Woods, I received my latest documents on the land that I am buying as well as the information about a Blackwood email address thank you very much. I will continue to help Native Woods operation of preserving land in it’s natural state. Thank you” (Laird Burke, USA)

15 February 2012: “Just to let you know that everything arrived safely and in time. M’Lady is delighted!” (Mr Sparkes, Ireland)

7 February 2012: “Thank you for your deligent efforts! I will certainly tell others of this fine opportunity to own a piece of Scottish history, and will be using your services again (my mother has already made it known that she should receive such a gift for her birthday since it is her heritage and “right”). Again, thank you.” (Michele, USA)

20 January 2012: “THIS is the way to go. I looked at a number of these kits by different vendors and this one by far is the nicest! Suitable for framing – Wax seals, Deed that can be left to your children – Very nice indeed! Well done…” (Steven, USA)

23 December 2011: “I wanted to thank you for your reply. I will certainly contact you earlier this year to support you in your beautiful project. Wishing you a happy Christmas.” (Julien, France)

16 December 2011: “service was great. The few people I have told think it is great. Will re-do my passport when it expires.” (Lord Gary of Blackwood, Canada)

10 December 2011: “Thanks so much for all your help” (Lady Hamilton-Evans, Australia)

6 December 2011: “I have cancelled an order with another conservation site to go with Blackwood – which looks magnificent and should stay that way.” (Lady Hall, Australia)

8 September 2011: “It’s a novel idea with an added beauty of knowing you’re doing a little bit for forrestry preservation.” (Mr Sparkes, Ireland)

31 August 2011: “I received the package with all the documentation, I am very happy!” (Lady Elisabeth, Spain)