Become a Laird of Blackwood

Do you want to be able to call yourself Laird or Lord of Blackwood? It is easier than you think.

Scottish landowners have traditionally been afforded the courtesy title of Laird (Lord) or Lady, and we offer you the opportunity to buy a miniature estate in Loch Wood in Blackwood. Included in this package is the license to use our trademarked protected titles Laird, Lord and Lady of Blackwood.

“Laird” is often converted to “lord” internationally and our supporters may choose whether to have their documents issued with the title Laird, Lord or Lady of Blackwood.

Native Woods Preservation was formed to protect and preserve parts of a historic estate in Lanarkshire in Scotland. By offering the public to buy rights to souvenir plots of land in the woodland Loch Wood, we help ensure that the land may not be developed and at the same time our supporters gain the opportunity to use a British feudal title with historical ties to this land.

Loch Wood is situated on the former great Blackwood Estate in Scotland, once the largest estate in Lanarkshire and the vacation home of Scotland’s great poet and national treasure Robert Burns. For centuries Lanarkshire has been the territory of kings and noblemen. Laird of Blackwood was originally an ancient Scottish feudal title, and you can find traces of this title back to the medieval ages.

You can read more about proper styling of the laird title here. Included in our lairdship portfolio is a Master Title Deed, a legal document which may be used to formally change your title in all common law countries which accept nobility titles on official ID.

As a Lord or Lady of Blackwood you will also be given the exclusive right to wear the Blackwood insignia and tartan.

If you feel that supporting our organisation is something you would like to do, please do not hesitate to contact us, or simply buy a complete lairdship package to start your life as Laird of Blackwood today.