Recent testimonials:

    16 September 2022: “PERFECTION. There is not another word to better describe this service. Order prepared and shipped in 2 days, including a couple of suppprt mails for missing informations (my fault). The pack is at my home after 3 more postal service days. What should I pretend more? Thanks.” (Gabriele M. Italy)

    11 August 2022: “Felice di aver contribuito alla salvaguardia di un sito storico e ricco di tradizioni da tramandare alle future generazioni.” (Alberto, Italy)

    17 June 2022: “Bonjour , Merci j’ai bien reçu votre envoi qui sera un merveilleux cadeau pour Lady  [xxx]. Je vais donc renouveler cette belle expérience. Tanks a lot.” (Anne-G, France)

    6 December 2021: “En une semaine j’ai reçu mon portfolio. Un service impeccable, des délais courts, une promesse tenue,…Je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat” (Lord Hugo Denis Vandervaeren, Belgium)

    22 June 2021: “Onorato pregiarsi del titolo di “Laird” ma felice di poter con il mio modesto contributo riservare spazi alla natura che rischia a causa dell’uomo una lenta agonia.” (Guiseppe, Sicilia)

    27 April 2021: “I just received my Ladyship and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad to be part of this amazing project. Thank you for everything!” (Lady Ambrine from France)

    26 March 2021: “Ok today I’d reveiced all my order (Lairdship portfolio, personalised insignia letterheard with proper style and the so beautiful businness card holder. I’m very happy. I’m so proud today to become a Lord and to count among the aristocracy of Blackwood, there is a long time that I wanted to have a British Title and today it’s done because of you,  thank you for this!!! From now on, there is a part of me in Scotland. Contratulations to you for your word and safeguard of the Scottish woodland. It’s a very important thing. All that remains for now is for me to come in Scotland and visit the Blackwood estate and see my souvenir plot. Hope to see it very soon.” (Lord Mauer, France)

    1 February 2021: “thanks as always for your efficient help. I have lots of friends who this year are going to benefit by becoming Lords and Ladies of Blackwood.” (Gaye, UK)

    13 November 2020: “I just want to say thank you for the delivery, I just received it today.So that’s perfect timing for her birthday ! Have a good day !” (Mr Rossi, France)

    8 November 2020: “You’re amazing !” (Mr Rossi, France)

    4 November 2020: “I have done research on our family tree and found he had great grand parents who were born in North Lanarkshire. So this gift is really exciting. We are Australians.” (James, Australia)

    29 October 2020: “your product is good, and my friend whom I gave it to, was very happy with it.” (Chloé, France)

    9 October 2020: “thank you very much for your reply, patience and confirmations. I am happy to support the cause of NWP and to join the ‘family’ of those who bought a souvenir plot on your Loch Wood estate.” (Luca, Italy)

    29 September 2020: “Thanks for the nice pdf’s 🙂 ” (Hans, Netherlands)

    24 April 2020: “Just to say that my mother finally received the package and she’s over the moon. Thanks for your kind assistance” (Neil, UK)