Double title pack! (for one person)


We now provide a double title pack, including documentation on the following titles:

  • For male landowners: Lord and Laird
  • For female landowners: Lady and Leddy (Leddy is the old form of address for a female Laird/Mistress of the Estate.)

The double title pack contains everything that is included in an ordinary Lairdship Portfolio, but in addition has a double set of deeds and certificates, signifying that you now have two separate titles.


  • 1 square foot of first rate Scottish estate
  • The right to style yourself as Lord and Laird or Lady and Leddy of Blackwood
  • Exclusive right to use the Blackwood insignia
  • Exclusive right to use the Blackwood (Loch Wood) district tartan
  • Two legal Title Deeds to your property, signed, sealed and printed on vellum parchment, which will make a very elegant wall display – one for each title
  • Two Master Title Deeds to change your title on bank accounts, credit cards and other ID – one for each title
  • Two impressive Certificates of Entitlement, printed on vellum parchment – one for each title
  • A Plot Locator Map with road directions and the official OS grid reference coordinates to your land, including directions on how to find it hassle-free
  • Stunning photos and useful information regarding Loch Wood and the Blackwood Estate
  • A letter of greeting from us at Native Woods Preservation Ltd
  • A stylish gift folder imprinted with your insignia and tartan in full colours
  • An insignia adhesive label
  • Access to the beautiful grounds of Loch Wood
  • The knowledge that you are supporting a good cause

Note: Valid for one person only.



Would you like to have several titles? Would you like to be able to use both the title Laird and Lord?

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