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19 December 2010: “What a marvellous stroke of genius. I really am at a loss to express just how impressed I am at the simplicity and excellence of your concept for natural heritage preservation. My title was purchased for me by a close friend as a birthday gift and it is one that keeps giving on so many levels. I even have some Scottish ancestry (Stuarts, on my mothers’ fathers’ side) and now I have title also. Thank you so much, warmest regards for this chilly Christmas and many happy returns for the new year,” Chris Ryan, Laird of Blackwood, Australia

18 December 2010: “We are Australian with Scottish heritage, are already Kilt wearers and love the bagpipes. Thank you so much, this is too cool. Will definitely visit some day !!!” (The Lords Warner)

18 December 2010: “I was so happy to get mine yesterday! It was like christmas came early.lol.” (Lord Johnston, USA)

16 December 2010: “That is impressive, thank you so much for such excellent service.” (Malcolm, UK)

12 December 2010: “Thank you for all of your assistance, I appreciate it more than you can imagine.” (D. Bare, USA)

11 December 2010: “You really are a blessing having helped me every step of the way, for which I am extremely great-full.” (Lord Callaghan, UK)

7 December 2010: “I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your great customer care and service and quick response. Thank you,” Jeanette

4 December 2010: “Thank you for preserving Scotland’s forests!” (Lady Holzhauer, USA)

4 December 2010: “we received the couples and the single all were in good shape and we’re very pleased.” (Lady Winder, Canada)

3 December 2010: “fantastic thanks” (S. Irvine, UK)

3 December 2010: “second one i brought which tells you all you need to know” (D. Cheney, UK)

3 December 2010: “A first class service, very pleased indeed.” (Lord Robinson, UK)

28 November 2010: “Very friendly, nice present, many thanks” (Ivan, Germany)

25 November 2010: “I have a very happy Daughter through your presentation. Thank you for all your time in ensuring the package would arrive on time.” (Norbert, USA)

25 November 2010: “very good fun just brought another” (D. Cheney, UK)

23 November 2010: “Knowing that the Blackwood Estate was in Lanarkshire made this gift meaningful for me. But I must say having read the details on the Title Deed and now knowing that the lands lye within the Regality of Hamilton makes it even more special! While I was born in Canada, my siblings and my father were all born in Hamilton. My son’s Scottish heritage is a very big part of who he is and very important to him. I know that he is going to be absolutely thrilled with this gift.” (Heather, Canada)

18 November 2010: “Thank you for the documents. I am very pleased with blackwood’s great customer sevice.” (C. Lake, USA)

10 November 2010: “Very Quick, pleasant service, highly recommend.Clear description, Kosher.” (Lord Davison, UK)

9 November 2010: “Prompt shipping, great transaction” (R. Chance, USA)

5 November 2010: “Hi I have received my Blackwood Portfolio with which I am very pleased.” (Lady Wilson, UK)

1 November 2010: “thank you ever so much for your help. You really do provide the most excellent customer service.” (Lady Walts, USA)

30 October 2010: “Extraordinary service”  (Lord Avellano, UK)

29 October 2010: “great product,very fast delivery and good price.thank you”  (Lord Broderick, Ireland)

28 October 2010: “I am very pleased with your sevice and the quick response to my enquiry.”  (Laird Reid, UK)

28 October 2010: “Absolut perfect service and quick delivery, thank you very much”  (S. Lautner, UK)

27 October 2010: “Very happy, everything looks stunning! Thank you”  (Lord Kern, Norway)

21 October 2010: “the portfolios dropped down in the mail last saturday. They were all fancy and good looking, and the special deed for Løres Crew was perfect! Thank you alot, I’ve really appreciate your help. Told all the other guys I study with here about our business, and some of them are thinking of doing the same as I did. Maybe you hear from them 😉 Have a nice weekend!”  (Yours sincerely, Lord Nyholt (hehe 😉 )

21 October 2010: “excelent product thank you very much A++++++ SELLER”  (Lord Jones, UK)

19 October 2010: “we have received our deeds and papers and they are fantastic – thank you very much.”  (Lord Croft, USA)

17 October 2010: “thank you very much, great service!”  (Sven, UK)

15 October 2010: “thank you very happy”  (Amanda, UK)

13 October 2010: “[My friend] was delighted”  (R. Chance, USA)

21 September 2010: “Anything that is done to preserve Scotland’s heritage would have my support.  I thank you again for your personal and most appreciated assistance.”  (Lord Madsen, Canada)

9 September 2010: “I received the documents, they look great”  (Lord Anderson, Canada)

6 August 2010: “I just wanted to thank you so much for your prompt and professional service! I am having so much fun with my new found nobility. I would highly recommend you, but I want to be the only Lord in town! LOL”  (Lord Robert, USA)

6 August 2010: “We did indeed receive our Lord and Lady package today and are very happy. Thank you very much, it’s perfect in every way.”  (Lord and Lady Doherty, UK)

5 August 2010: “I have just arrived home to find my pack here for me. Thank you for all your help and if I could give you more feedback I would.” 

27 July 2010: “Fantastic seller will use again 10/10″  (Laird Geoff, UK)

21 July 2010: “Excellent service!” (Lord Audun, Norway)